A little support for Digital Education.

We are helping People digitally literate using PMGDISHA scheme


A little support for
Women Empowerment.

Empowering women by helping them in various means using multiple schemes like Digital India & Skill development.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the lives of many people specially those people who are living in villages and are working as migrant labourers, waste pickers, single mothers, artisans. To help these people UVA JAGRITI SANSTHAN took initiative from ground level, our whole team worked tirelessly toward this noble cause, by distributing Ration kits to families, masks & sanitizer to villagers, Sanitary napkins to women and girls and helping children with online activities to increase their calibre. We have also started an initiative, First Million Vaccination in coordination with AIF and CSC.

We organized many programs to help people like Ek MUTTHI ANAJ, we started this programs in the beginning of the pandemic from 1st April 2020 and continued this till 30th July 2020. In villages many people works on daily wages but due to pandemic and lockdown, they were unable to earn anything. They were lacking their necessity which is food. We had served cooked meals and distributed food relief kits every month from April till July consisting of essential groceries to migrant labourers and daily-wage earners who have lost their livelihood and are in great despair in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

• 4200 SHG women of 378 SHGs from 148 villages participated in this project. They donated EkMutthiAnaj (A handful of cereal) by this we have collected 70 Quintal wheat. We grind all the wheat and distributed that flour to 2500 families.

• We distributed kits in 148 villages of Bansur. The contents of these relief kits were based on the local palate. For instance, the kits that was distributed in one of the village contains rice (5 kg), tur dal (1 kg), oil (0.5 litre), Salt, Sugar, Spices and vegetables which have a long shelf-life, such as potatoes and pumpkins any few more necessary items.

• SHG women, Our Board Members, huge help from Mrs.Minakshi and Mr. Rahul sharma, our staff, and STEM foundation contributed a lot in this project. STEM foundation adopted 75 families in this project and helped them with ration.

Mask Making & Distribution

We distributed 20,000 hand stitched masks free of cost to encourage people to wear mask. With the help of 150 SHG women we manufactured 80,000 masks. These women sold 60000 masks and distributed 20000 masks for free in hospitals. In rural areas people were refusing to wear mask. With the help of SHG women we started this movement to encourage people to wear mask in Bansur. These SHG women helped people by distributing masks and helped their families by selling the leftover masks.

Sanitary Napkin Distribution

In covid period from April to September we distributed 750 packets of sanitary napkin for free of cost to all the girls and women and spread awareness regarding menstrual hygiene. In rural areas menstrual hygiene is still a taboo and women are not allowed to use sanitary napkins. We educate girls and women from door to door on the proper usage and disposal of sanitary pads as well. In this program we distributed free sanitary napkins so that they can use them and educate other women about usage and benefits of using sanitary napkins.

Providing Study materials to children

this coronavirus resource collection to fit the evolving needs of both online and hybrid classrooms. UVA JAGRITI SANSTHAN organized moral boost competitions and programs for schools students because of pandemic children have to be in home quarantined. We organized few competitions like poster making,singing,drawingcompetitions. With the help of experts we organized personality development classes and motivational sessions and gaming sessions as well. All the students, with whom we were connected through BHOR RE project, were provided all the stationary like notebooks, pencils, pens, etc. All the students were provided all study material on their phones so that they do have to face any kind of problems. We also organized Online YOGA Campaign for 3 days for children with the help of professional yoga instructor so that children can utilize their energy to become healthy.